. Tyana's Blog: 그대를 사랑하는 10가지 이유[10 Reason To Love You] ~Lee Seok Hoon~

그대를 사랑하는 10가지 이유[10 Reason To Love You] ~Lee Seok Hoon~

그대를 사랑하는 10가지 이유[Geudaereul Saranghaneun 10Gaji Iyu] 
~ 10 Reason To Love You ~
Sung by Lee Seok Hoon of SG Wannabe
Taken From Mini Album ~인사[Greetings]~
Released on May 24,2010.
Track # 4

The Original Lyric

geudae yeppeun moksoriro jajanggareul bulleojwoyo
oneul bamdo geudae nae kkum soge nawa hamkke sarayo
aigateun geu misoro nareul bomyeo useojuneyo
naneun geudaeraseo cham haengbokhamnida

naega himdeulttaena manhi apeulttae 
nae nunmureul goi dakkajudeon
geudaeran saram eojji mareul haeya halkkayo

cheotbeonjjae geudaeui maeum namucheoreom nareul swigehae
dubeonjjae geudaeui miso haessalcheoreom nareul barkge bichugo
se beonjjae geudaeui songil naega himdeulttaemada pume anajun 
geudael saranghamnida

naega seulpeul ttaena oerowo hal ttae 
nae gyeoteul ttaseuhi jikyeojudeon
geudaeran saram eojji mareul haeya halkkayo

nebeonjjae geudaeui ondo nae gaseumeul ttaseuhage hae
daseotjjae geudaeui nunmul deo yeolsimhi nareul saragage hae
yeoseotjjae geudaeui gido cheojin eokkaereul pige mandeureo juneun 
geudael saranghamnida

geudaeyeo deo isang nunmureun ijen heulliji marayo
yeongwontorok geudaereul jikilgeyo

saranghaneun geudael bomyeon baraman bwado nan haengbokhae

il gopbeonjjae geudae pyojeong simurukhan nareul utgehae
yeodeorpjjae geudae moksori naege himeul juneun geudaeinikka
ahopbeonjjae geudae georeum motnan nal maeilmada chajawa june
yeolbeonjjaen geudaeran seonmul
geudaeraseo nan jeongmal haengbokhamnida

English Translation

Sing me a lullaby with your beautiful voice
Tonite in my dream, come & live with me again
You smiled, looking at me, with your smile like a child
I’m so happy cause it’s you

When I’m having a hard time or I’m so hurt 
calmly wiping my tears away from me
You, how should I say in words

First, your heart, like a tree that give me rest
Second, your smile, like the sunshine glow brightly upon me
Third, your hand, who keeps me in your arms every time it’s get difficult 
I love you

When I’m sad or lonely, warmly staying by my side
You, how should I say in words

Fourth, your warmth, make my heart warm
Fifth, your tears, I’ve to work harder
Sixth, your prayers, strengthen my drooping shoulder 
I love you

My dear no more tears, don’t shed anymore
I’ll protect you forever

When I looked at you, whom I love, I’m happy just to look at you

Seventh, your expressions, make the sulky me laugh
Eighth, your voice, because you’re giving me strength
Ninth, your steps, everyday come to find the pitiful me.
Tenth is the gift that is you
I’m really happy cause it’s you

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