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Fall in Love Like a Star ~Chinese Movie~

Fall in Love Like a Star (Chinese: 怦然星动) is a 2015 Chinese romantic drama film directed by Tony Chan. It was released on December 3, 2015.


After 5 years of separation, rookie actor Su Xingyu (Li Yifeng) becomes known as "The Prince of Pop-Music" while assistant Tian Xin (Yang Mi) becomes an agent for the same company Xingyu is in. After a fateful meeting after 5 years, fate will push them together, at the same time, reality will also pull them apart. 

How will the two come to an understanding of their previous breakup? Will they fall in love again or let fate decide for them? What will they each choose when their love will threaten Xingyu's identity as an idol? Will Tian Xin break Xingyu's heart one more time or will she let him into her heart? Find out in Fall in Love like a Star.


Yang Mi- Tian Xin
Li Yifeng- Su XingYu
Chen Shu- Mei Jie
David Wang- Chen Xuan
Zhang Yunlong- Gao Mang
Dilraba Dilmurat- May Li
Jin Shijia- Bing
Tiger Hu- Song Ming

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