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Tu Mera Hero ~Indian Drama~

Tu Mera Hero (English: You Are My Hero) was a Comedy-drama soap opera which premiered on 22 December 2014 and aired on Star Plus. The show has Priyanshu Jora , Sonia Balani as leads. The show was pulled off air due a new show called Siya Ke Ram, to be aired at the same time.The show initially received good ratings but later dropped .

Plot summary

The story is about a person named Titu, who attracts a girl called Panchi. The story starts when Panchi introduces herself to Titu. Later, Panchi attends a magic show arranged by Titu. The magician and the audience are frightened when a bull comes charging towards Titu. Titu informs his mother Surekha about the mishap at the magic show. Titu's father confronts him about the money he lost at the magic show and threatens to take his bike away if he fails in his exams. A Titu is baffled by his exam result. Kamlesh is infuriated and gets angry at a postman for delivering the wrong result to their house. Later, Kamlesh informs Titu's father about Titu’s result being exchanged with Panchi’s and Titu's father apologises to Kamlesh. Rachna's would-be husband congratulates Panchi on her success. Meanwhile, Titu's father, Govindnarayan reprimands Titu for neglecting his academics. Later, Panchi expresses her feelings for Titu to Rachna. Panchi is heartbroken, seeing Titu flirting with Ruhi. Later, Panchi unwillingly gives Titu's phone number to Ruhi. Titu is heartbroken upon learning that Ruhi loves someone else. He refuses to believe Panchi but Ruhi turns up with her boyfriend. Govindnarayan asks Titu to leave Mathura when he goes home alone. Panchi decides to help Titu. Titu arranges a special treat for Panchi as a token of gratitude for her help. Meanwhile, Surekha tries to convince Govindnarayan to reconsider his decision regarding Titu and Panchi's marriage. 

Meanwhile, on marriage day Manorama learns about Titu`s disappearance. Panchi tries to speak to Surekha but she avoids her. Situations take a turn for Titu when he reaches the marriage venue. Kamlesh and Pratibha welcome him while Surekha feels troubled. Kamlesh asks Titu to keep Panchi happy. Panchi thanks God for granting her biggest wish. Surekha feels troubled with the proceedings. Titu comforts a despondent Panchi. Golu reminds Surekha of a few incidents when Panchi had helped Titu. Surekha changes her mind and agrees to accept Panchi as her daughter-in-law. She gives ancestral jewellery to Panchi as a token of acceptance from her side. After that Titu and Panchi go to Sivgarh with their families. A dejected Panchi confronts Govindnarayan for concealing Titu's laziness and shares her miseries with him. Govindnarayan tries to prove Titu's innocence to Panchi. Panchi goes back to approving of Titu and Govindnarayan promises Panchi that he will help her in making Titu a working man.Keshav asks Bhagwati to hide the truth of Mukund's marriage to Govindnarayan. At home Govindnarayan learns about Mukund's marriage and also comes to know that Mukund`s father-in-law has been jailed. He allows Mukund`s bride, Vaishali to live in Govindnarayan's house. After many attempts by Govind & Panchi and tries to stop them by Surekha, Vaishali, Rekha & Mukund & Titu himself, lazy Titu realises that he loves Panchi and he has spent his days waste, he decides to work. On the other hand Rekha's elder son Keshav is longing for his own child while his wife Bhagwati wants him to accept Sundar first. 

Due to some misunderstandings, Keshav believes that he is going to become a father, and later on realises the truth that Bhagwati is not pregnant and has been eating contraceptives, gets heartbroken. Real motives of Vaishali, Mukund & Rekha are also revealed, they think that Rekha's sons are being differentiated from Titu, Titu is getting more love, care and property which distraughts Govindnarayan & Surekha. Mukund breaks on realising that Vaishali married him only for getting Surekha Sadan on her name. Later, Rekha's family accepts their mistakes and realise the love of Govind & Surekha for them. Keshav also accepts Sundar. After a few events, a duplicate Titu also comes. But, at the end real Titu reconciles with his family. The whole Agrawal family starts living happily again and the show ends with Panchi's and Bhagwati's pregnancy, and another Nikhattu i.e. Panchi & Titu's son being born!


Priyanshu Jora as Ashish Agarwal
Sonia Balani as Panchi Agarwal
Akhilendra Mishra as Govindnarayan Agarwal
Amita Khopkar as Surekha Agarwal
Madhuri Sanjeev as Rekha Agarwal
Gaurav Nanda as Gulshan
Pooja Sharma as Vaishali Agarwal
Neha Kaul as Bhagwati Agarwal
Manav Verma as Keshav Agarwal
Achherr Bhaardwaj as Mukund Agarwal
Sagar Saini as Kamlesh Gupta
Nivin Ramani as Chetan
Sneha Shah as Pinky Agarwal
Karan Khanna as Sudhir
Harsh Chatrath as Golu
Simran Pareenja as Rajni
Twinkle Patel as Ruhi
Ishita Ganguly as Juhi

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