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Encantadia ~Filipino Drama~

Encantadia is a Filipino fantasy television series by GMA Network. It is a reboot (often called as requel or retelling-sequel) to the 2005 fantasy series with the same name. It is the fourth series of the Encantadia franchise and is 11 years apart from the third one. 

The show began airing on July 18, 2016 in the Philippines and worldwide through GMA Pinoy TV. It is also shown exclusively online through iflix at 1080p high-definition video as Video on demand.

The cast including those who will portray the sang'gres or keepers of the four gems were revealed on April 4, 2016. Kylie Padilla played the role of Amihan, Alena by Gabbi Garcia, Danaya by Sanya Lopez and Pirena by Glaiza de Castro. According to the director Mark Reyes, the series is committed to air until December 2016, though an extension is expected for the series.


Encantadia is a vast and magical continent in an "unnamed", enchanted realm. It comprises three kingdoms: Lireo, Sapiro, and Hathoria, and an autonomous territory, Adamya. The three kingdoms and Adamya bear the four elemental gems that hold the continent in balance. Lireo, in the east, is the kingdom that cared for Brilyante ng Hangin (Gemstone of Air). Adamya, is the keeper of Brilyante ng Tubig (Gemstone of Water). Sapiro, the northern kingdom, kept the Brilyante ng Lupa (Gemstone of Earth) and had its lands blessed with precious metals and stones, and its soil fertile unlike any other land. Hathoria, the kingdom of the west, held the Brilyante ng Apoy (Gemstone of Fire) and utilized it for the development of weapons and war machinery.

After the Great Encantadian War the three kingdoms were able to live in peace for a thousand years, but the day came when the Hathors (inhabitants of Hathoria), led by King Arvak, gave in to their greed and started the Lirean war to claim the other gems, that they may gain power and rule over the whole continent. After seizing the Gemstone of Water from Adamya, the Hathors waged war with the Sapiro, in pursuit of the gemstone of earth. King Arvak seized the Gemstone of Earth from King Armeo of Sapiro, then killed King Armeo. Later, King Arvak was killed by a Sapirian warrior named Asval. Before he died, prince Raquim of Sapiro claimed the Gemstones of Water, Earth and Fire from King Arvak. The death of King Arvak weakened the Hathor force and made them retreat. After the war, the kingdom of Sapiro fell and was left in ruins.

Prince Raquim immediately brought the three gemstones to Queen Mine-a of Lireo and the keeper of Gemstone of Air, for safekeeping. The four gems have not been separated since.

Two thousand years have passed and the story unfolds in Lireo, where Queen Mine-a will choose her successor from her daughters Pirena, Amihan, Alena and Danaya. She and Imaw, an elder from Adamya, can feel imminent danger lurking, and as the gods called her to Devas (the world of the dead), she has to leave the kingdom of Lireo in good and capable hands. She put her daughters to the test to see their capabilities and know who is best fit to be the next queen. Mine-a chooses and crowns Amihan, which to Pirena's dismay, led to her rebellion and the onset of the so called War of the four Gems. The chain of events that transpired made way for the separation of the gemstones. Pirena, after having stolen the gemstone of fire, sided with the Hathors and gave them back the power they've lost. Hathor now plans to rise up from hiding and bring Lireo to its demise, with the end in view of ruling over the whole of Encantadia.


Main cast

Kylie Padilla as Sang'gre Amihan II/Reyna Amihan
Glaiza de Castro as Sang'gre Pirena
Sanya Lopez as Sang'gre Danaya
Gabbi Garcia as Sang'gre Alena/Akesha
Mikee Quintos as Sang'gre Lira/Milagros "Mila"
Kate Valdez as Sang'gre Mira/Lira
Ruru Madrid as Prinsipe Ybrahim/Ybarro

Supporting cast

Sunshine Dizon as Sang'gre Adhara
Solenn Heussaff as Cassiopeia/Mata
John Arcilla as Haring Hagorn
Yuan Francisco as Paopao
Rodjun Cruz as Paopao (warrior)
Migo Adecer as Anthony Monteclaro
Rochelle Pangilinan as Agane
Rocco Nacino as Aquil
Carlo Gonzales as Muros
Vaness del Moral as Gurna
Pancho Magno as Hitano/Verdano
Ervic Vijandre as Icarus
Klea Pineda as Muyak
Neil Ryan Sese as Prinsipe Asval
Julienne Lee as Alira Naswen
Edwin Reyes as Dagtum
Rafa Siguion-Reyna as Enuo
Angelu de Leon as Amanda
Christian Bautista as Apitong
Buboy Villar as Wantuk
Andre Paras as Wahid
Conan Stevens as Vish'ka
Avery Paraiso as Kahlil
Noel Urbano as Imaw (voice only)
Banak and Nakba as Playful Adamyans
Betong Sumaya as Rael
Cheska Iñigo as Mayca
Mara Alberto as Dayzan
Avery Paraiso as Kahlil

Guest cast

Special participation

Marian Rivera as Ynang Reyna Mine-a
Dingdong Dantes as Prinsipe Raquim
Janice Hung as Mine-a in disguise
Barbara Miguel as Teen Diwani Pirena
Andrea Elaine Julian as Child Diwani Pirena
Dayara Shane as Diwani Amihan
Althea Ablan as Diwani Alena
JC Movido as Diwani Danaya
Chlaui Malayao as Diwani Lira/Milagros
Kariz Edren Espinosa as Diwani Lira/Mira

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