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Hanggang Makita Kang Muli [Until We Meet Again / Until I See You Again] ~Filipino Drama~

Hanggang Makita Kang Muli (English title: Until We Meet Again / lit. Until I See You Again) is a Philippine romantic horror drama television series broadcast by GMA Network starring Bea Binene and Derrick Monasterio with Angelika dela Cruz, Raymart Santiago and Ina Feleo. It premiered on March 7, 2016 replacing Buena Familia on the network's GMA Afternoon Prime block, and will also air worldwide via GMA Pinoy TV. The show ended on July 15, 2016 on its 19 week run with the total of 93 episodes overall and was replaced by Sinungaling Mong Puso.


The story revolves around the life of Ana (Bea Binene), who was separated from her parents, Evelyn (Angelika Dela Cruz) and Larry (Raymart Santiago) because of Odessa (Ina Feleo). Odessa has kept Ana in a warehouse all her life, causing her to become feral. Suddenly a fire started which made Ana escape. Ana will meet Calvin (Derrick Monasterio), a camper who helped Ana to live. Calvin named her Angela since he doesn't know her identity. Calvin brought Angela to Manila and in there, Angela will be aware of her surroundings. Calvin brought Angela to Dr. Evelyn and took care of her. Evelyn volunteered to be the doctor of Angela and in which she doesn't know Angela's identity. Angela will learn new things of being a human. Claire (Kim Rodriguez), the adoptive daughter of Evelyn, is jealous of Angela spite that the time of Evelyn goes to Angela instead of her. Claire also has a crush on Calvin making her more jealous of Angela because of their closeness. Soon, Claire will make a way to outcast Angela to their house. When Angela is lost, Dr. Francis (Ramon Christopher), a doctor who wants to hold the feral child case, will steal Angela from Evelyn which they refused at first but later will give up.

Angela will have therapy with Dr. Francis and learn much things of being social to others. Later, Angela was healed and too many things change in her such as talking to others. She will later meet Calvin once again and become much closer. Angela will also now work at Larry's farm with Calvin. She will also meet her new, friend Patricia and her new enemy Myla (Coleen Perez). Calvin and Angela will develop relationship together but later will be broken because of Claire being pregnant and proves that Calvin is the father even if not, the baby will also die sooner. Calvin will later break up with Angela and causes her to become sad. Later, Angela will get a new therapy in America with Dr. John which will change her life.

10 months later, Angela will go back in the Philippines which she will transform and change, Angela now is intelligent and humanoid which right she is a person with full human contact. Angela will also learn to fight Claire and seeks revenge in anyone who hurt her before. She will also stay away from Calvin now because of what Calvin did.


Main cast

Bea Binene as Ana Isabelle Medrano / Angela – Evelyn and Larry's missing child. Because of having no background about care and affection, she grew up as a "feral child". She will being acted like an animal because she is only a dog that she seems to be as a friend. But when she met Calvin, does she feel the true love?
Derrick Monasterio as Calvin Manahan – The engineering student that he came from luxurious family. He located Ana and he adopted and taught her as a human. Even he has a girlfriend, he could not endear Ana. In the end, how he can fight the love he feel?
Angelika dela Cruz as Evelyn Esguerra – Larry's lovable wife and Ana's mother. Her world collapsed because of losing her child.
Raymart Santiago as Larry Medrano – Father of Ana and ex-husband of Evelyn. Larry is the one who lost Ana in the mall when he saw his ex-girlfriend, Odessa.
Ina Feleo as Odessa Luna / Margaret Herrero – Larry's ex-girlfriend, Evelyn's ex-bestfriend, Lola Conching's niece and Ana's evil guardian. She eventually destroy the family of Larry and Evelyn. She kidnapped and tortured Ana to get revenge to Larry and Evelyn. But when she becomes Margaret, she wants to give a chance to Angela to make her life better and comfortable and she is lovable wife to Larry.

Supporting cast

Kim Rodriguez as Claire Sandoval-Esguerra – Evelyn's adopted child. She loves Calvin. She is filled with envy and anger. She will do everything to seize the love that Ana enjoyed.
Rita Avila as Glenda Manahan – Calvin's overprotective mother and Evelyn's best friend. For a while, she is kidnapped by Margaret and Calvin is worried to his mother. When she died on the river that is caught by many fishermans, she went to the hospital and Calvin don't know what happen to her. At the same time, she woke up and tell Calvin and Francis who is the one who kidnapped her.
Marco Alcaraz as Dominic Reyes – Larry's best friend that he wants to help to raise Larry's family.
Ramon Christopher as Dr. Francisco "Francis" Manahan – The psychiatrist, Calvin's father and Glenda's abusive and innocent husband. He has an intense interest on Ana's case as a "feral child" so that he placed Ana on the psych facility to learn.
Jak Roberto as Elmo Manahan-Villamor – Calvin's close friend with his secret look to Claire.
Shyr Valdez as Helen Esguerra-Borja – The older sister, to be the cornerstore and adviser to Evelyn. She hates Claire when it comes to Angela.
Luz Valdez as Conching Luna – Odessa's aunt that tried to stop her on that evil plan. She knows Odessa's past, that's why her nephew is being crazy and evil-look.
Frank Magalona as Bernard Vivas
Elle Ramirez as Charmaine "Charm" Alvarez
Coleen Perez as Myla
Allan Paule as Lando Sandoval
Dexter Doria as Manang Yolanda
Kevin Sagra as Jomar
Avery Paraiso as Marlon Santos
Kyle Vergara as Louie del Castillo
Shermaine Santiago as Jelly

Guest cast

Ar Angel Aviles as young Odessa
Jayzelle Suan as young Ana
Lawrence Marasigan as young Calvin
Thom Brickman as Dr. John


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