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When a Snail Falls in Love ~Chinese Drama~

When a Snail Falls in Love (Chinese: 如果蜗牛有爱情; pinyin: rú guǒ wō niú yǒu ài qíng) is a Chinese television series directed by Zhang Kai-zhou and produced by Daylight Entertainment. It stars Wang Kai, Wang Ziwen, Xu Yue, and Yu Heng. It is based on Ding Mo's novel of the same title, who also wrote Love Me If You Dare starring Wang Kai. The series began airing on Dragon TV on October 24, 2016.

The series saw 200 million online hits the first week, and on the 15th of November the production team announced that the show had reached 1 billion views online. The show is also popular with international viewers, with a 9.8 out 10 score on viki.com.


Is going after criminals easier than falling in love? Ji Bai (Wang Kai) is an ace police detective. With newbie criminal profiler Xu Xu (Wang Zi Wen) as his partner, they appear to be an odd couple to others around them. But their partnership is highly successful, with an unbeatable track record for solving crime. 

When Ji Bai starts to fall in love with Xu Xu through their close working relationship, Xu Xu is slow to return his feelings. But does their relationship stand a chance when the dangerous “Angel’s Killer” resurfaces?


Wang Kai as Ji Bai
Wang Zi Wen as Xu Xu
Yu Heng as Zhao Han
Xu Yue as Yao Meng
Zhao Yuan Yuan as Ye Zixi
Jiang Bing as Zhang Shiyong
Wu Xiao Yu as Ye Qiao
Zhang Yan Yan as Lu Ge
Zhang Xiao Qian as Yang Yu
Zhang Ye as Xiao Fang
Li Long Jun as Liang Yu
Wang Yu Zheng as Mr. Li
Wang Yong Qiang as Zhao Lang
Huo Ya Ming as Ye Ziqiang
Jiao Ti Yi as Ye Lanyuan
Jiang Sen as Ti Sa
Cai Yan as Amber
Yan Xiang as Chen Yong

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