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Will You Marry Me and My Family ~Chinese Drama~

Will You Marry Me and My Family is a 2010 Chinese urban comedy/drama television series directed by Sun Hao, starring Song Jia. It premiered on CCTV-8 on April 3, 2010 and comprises 25 episodes.

The series concerns a career woman (Song) in her thirties whose family is frantically searching for a prospective spouse for her. The series portrays the phenomenon of sheng nu (剩女, lit. “leftover women”), which refers to a phenomenon in East Asian societies where urban women are getting married at a much older age, some of whom continue into singlehood throughout their lives.


Eldest child Jiang Dayan (Song Jia), 33, is a schoolteacher living in a middle-income family with her doting 80-year-old grandmother, her father – a retired school principal – and forensic pathologist mother. Ever since her younger sister and brother marry, she is pressured to get herself married since, at 33, is now considered a sheng nu (剩女) by Chinese standards. Immediately after her sister’s wedding, the Jiang family makes getting their eldest girl hitched their No. 1 priority and pulls out all the stops to match Dayan with any eligible bachelor in town. Despite having a group of spinster schoolmates who face similar problems, Dayan gives in to her parents’ wishes and go for countless (unsuccessful) matchmaking sessions, even appearing on a TV matchmaking program. Her grandmother gives her a one-year ultimatum to get married, even though Dayan feels personally it is impossible to rush romance or marriage.

After encountering many unsuitable guys and a “contract marriage” proposal, Dayan settles on her first serious relationship in years. Banking manager Peng Tan (Zhou Jie) is polite, well-spoken and good-looking, a doctorate from a US university who is three years Dayan’s senior, a colleague of Dayan’s sister-in-law. Although Dayan is attracted to him at first she realizes as their relationship progresses that she has difficulty coping with his extremely fastidious and demanding mum, and that the ultra-rational Peng Tan is really after a marriage, not love. The two break up after Dayan discover Peng had hired a hooligan to beat up a fellow suitor of hers.

A problem student’s father, popular on-air host Su Rushi (Liu Dekai), ushers in her second romance. The charismatic, mature radio presenter is well known in the city, but is almost 60. While Dayan’s family objects to this May–December romance, Dayan and Su are ready to ditch family dissent and pursue love. But the appearance of Su’s former wife and the emigration of his daughter to Canada cause the two to break up.

As Dayan nurses heartbreak, a third man appears in her life. Energetic young teacher Zhang Yaoyang (Zhang Haotian) is twelve years Dayan’s junior and was a former trainee teacher. Dayan is attracted to his youthfulness but finds it difficult to keep up with his verve or his at times not-so-mature ways. After a protracted break-up, where Zhang ends up causing the injury of another teacher, new Vice-Principal Cheng Chuang (Yu Xiaowei), Zhang whites out from her life.

Cheng Chuang, the responsible, independent vice-principal from Dayan’s school, a former soldier, is four years Dayan’s senior and is a perfect candidate from the Jiang’s family’s point of view. Dayan finds herself with increasing feeling for Cheng, especially after her grandmother’s unexpected death, until a coquettish best friend (Fan Jinlin) professes her interest in the man. Add to the fact that she is unsure of how Cheng is feeling about herself, the romance stalls. A false diagnosis of cervical cancer convinces Dayan Cheng is the right one for her. But will he be the man who will end her singlehood?


Song Jia as Jiang Dayan
A schoolteacher who is 33/35 throughout the series. She is the protagonist, a bespectacled, unostentatious woman who undergoes four serious relationships in the series. Like any woman she has her emotional weakness and is under enormous stress in getting herself hitched, but gets by with an attitude ready to laugh at herself.

Zhou Jie as Peng Tan
A 36-year-old banking manager who appears polite and well spoken. His extremely fastidious mother and maternal aunts prove the downfall of his relationship with Dayan.

Liu Dekai as Su Rushi
A charismatic radio presenter in his late 50s. He has a daughter in her late teens and is a divorcee.

Zhang Haotian as Zhang Yaoyang
A boyish 22-year-old who is first a trainee teacher then a formal photography teacher at Dayan’s school. He is interested in Dayan and makes no qualms about declaring his romantic interest in her.

Yu Xiaowei as Cheng Chuang 
A 38-year-old vice-principal and teacher newly posted to Dayan’s school. He is a responsible, independent and caring teacher who knew Dayan formerly and is a former soldier.

Chu Shuanzhong as Dazhi 
A down-to-earth, honest, blue-collar taxi driver interested in Dayan. Dayan treats him as a good friend.

Guo Tao as Fang Quan 
A suitor who offers Dayan a “contract marriage”.

Ma Shuliang as Jiang Haoran 
The father, head of the Jiang family, a retired school principal. Like his wife, his most urgent wish is to get his eldest girl married.

Zhu Yin as Dang Sheng 
The mother, a forensic pathologist who tries all means, both legal and foul, to get her eldest child hitched.

Lu Yuan as Grandma/Gao Jinwen 
The impish 80-year-old grandmother who has a sweet tooth and a soft spot for Häagen-Dazs ice cream. Dayan is her favorite grandchild.

Sun Yifei as Jiang Xiaoyun
Dayan’s younger sister, who is/was married and acts as her some-time love counsel.

Guo Lin as Hao Tong 
Xiaoyun's miserly and rotund restaurant owner husband.

Zhang Duo as Jiang Xiaojun 
Dayan’s younger brother, a traffic policeman who is married to Qian Lele.

He Haoyang as Qian Lele 
Dayan’s sister-in-law, wife to Jiang Xiaojun.

Fan Jinlin as Lü Wei 
Dayan’s extremely coquettish good friend, who believes in using her assets to hook the best available bachelor. She undergoes extensive plastic surgeries to achieve this end.

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