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A Taste of Killing and Romance ~Hong Kong Movie~

A Taste of Killing and Romance is a 1994 Hong Kong action romantic thriller film produced and directed by Veronica Chan and starring Andy Lau and Anita Yuen as a pair of assassins who unknowingly work for the same organisation that meet and eventually fall in love.


Ice (Christine Ng), the leader of the killer organisation, sets a rule that whoever failed to achieve a task must die. Her underlings include her right-hand man Ko Sau (Andy Lau), nicknamed "Judge". During a mission, Ko Sau meets a fellow newcomer Yu-fung (Anita Yuen). During that time, he develops feelings for her. 

However, due to his lonely personality and the principles of an assassin career, it stalls the relationship. Despite this, they are still able to spend happy times together. During another mission, Ko Sau fails to complete the task when he saves a child. He apologizes to Ice and is willing to work unconditionally for her. However, Ice is determined to stick to the rules and sends Yu-fung to kill Ko, which Yu-feng is reluctant to do. 

On the other hand, hard boiled police inspector Tung Fai (Waise Lee) has gathered evidence of the organisation and holds a large scale hunt for Ko Sau and Ice's bodyguard Wong Cheung (Mark Cheng), who swears to kill Ko for revenge from a gunshot wound Ko had inflicted on him earlier. Under a lone and weak environment, with enemies all around him, Ko Sau and Yu-fung's relationship is also severely tested.


Andy Lau as Ko Sau
Anita Yuen as Yu-fung
Christine Ng as Ice
Waise Lee as Inspector Tung Fai
Mark Cheng as Wong Cheung
Henry Fong as Tsui Ka-sing
William Tuen as Fung's victim in restaurant
John Ching as Yu Nam
Joe Junior as Catholic priest
Yip Suk-ping as Mrs. Tsui
William So as Dino
Luisa Maria Leitão as Wai-ma
Johnny Tang as Ma Chi-chuen
Cho Chung-sing as Gunman in sunglasses (cameo)
Chik King-man as Girl dancing with Shao in pub
Danny Poon as Ice's gigolo
Yu Kwok-lok as Kwok Chung
Ng Kwok-kin as Lam Kwok-hung
Chan Chi-hung as VIP at lion dance
Jack Wong
Wong Kwan-hong
Kong Foo-keung
Jacky Cheung
Edward Corbett as Police chief
Ho Chi-moon as VIP at lion dance
Lai Cheung-lung as Murder victim
Lee Chi-kit
Benny Lai
Christopher Chan
Ng Cheung-pang

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