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Destined to be Yours ~Filipino Drama~

Destined to be Yours is a Philippine romantic-comedy and drama television series broadcast by GMA Network and created by GMA Entertainment TV. It premiered on February 27, 2017 replacing Alyas Robin Hood on the GMA Telebabad block and worldwide via GMA Pinoy TV. 

The series is directed by Irene Villamor and headlined by the AlDub love team of Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza. It is their first prime time television series and follows the story of star-crossed lovers Sinag (Mendoza) and Benjie (Richards). The series ended its 13-week run on May 26, 2017 with a total of 63 episodes and is replaced by My Love from the Star.


Sinag Obispo (Maine Mendoza) is a DJ in a community radio station at her hometown of Pelangi (a fictional barangay in Quezon). The paradise-like town of Pelangi was formerly a well-developed municipality due to its flourishing mining industry but many people were forced to leave the town after mining firms closed down. Sinag stayed behind because she loves her hometown and she wants to preserve the traditions and culture of the place through the community radio station that she inherited from her grandfather.

Meanwhile, Benjie Rosales (Alden Richards) just graduated as an architect. His father, Gabriel, died in an accident when he was young and his mother, Amanda (Lotlot de Leon), solely raised him. Unknown to Benjie, his grandfather, Vicente Rosales (Tommy Abuel), is a real-estate tycoon and his mother suddenly encourages him to contact the Rosales kin after a change of heart. Upon meeting the Rosales household, the family did not fully welcome Benjie except for his grandmother, Helen (Boots Anson-Roa), who convinced Benjie to work at their real estate company.

As Benjie accepts the job, he was assigned to a project at Pelangi where he is destined to meet Sinag. Their life will eventually change and intertwine as they fall in love with each other.

Cast and characters

Main cast

Alden Richards as Benjamin "Benjie/Benj" Rosales

a hardworking and charming architect who was tasked by his grandfather to convince the land owners of Pelangi to sell their real-estate property. As the series progress, he realize that he fell deeply in love with Sinag and not Trish.

Maine Mendoza as Sinag "DJ Sunshine" Obispo

a loving daughter who works as a radio DJ in the culturally-oriented community of (fictional) Pelangi. As a real estate development company would overtake their community, she and her whole family would migrate to Manila. There she would face challenges that will test the true strength of her character. She was formerly called DJ Madam Damin. As the series progress, she fell deeply in love with Benjie.

Supporting cast

Janice de Belen as Sally Obispo
Sinag's cheerful and quirky mother who loves painting and psychic reading.
Ina Feleo as Catalina Rosales
The daughter of Vicente and Helen who will try to bring down her nephew Benjie. She will wreak havoc and make Sinag and Benjie's life miserable as hell as she claims what is rightfully hers.
Gardo Versoza as Teddy Obispo
Husband of Sally and a devoted father to Sinag. He became hot-headed and short-tempered when they left Pelangi; but continues to be a determined, caring, and loving patriarch of the Obispos.
Boots Anson-Roa as Donya Helen Rosales
Vicente's understanding wife and Benjie's adoring grandmother.
Tommy Abuel as Don Vicente Rosales III
Benjie's grandfather who owns one of the biggest real-estate companies in the country.
Sheena Halili as Ninay
One of the town gossipers and Sinag's closest childhood friend.
Dominic Roco as Jason Abesamis
Benjie's college best friend and colleague who volunteers to help and come with him to the province of Pelangi. He likes Ninay after she was left by Arman.
Juancho Trivino as Badong
Sinag's childhood friend who is secretly in love with her.
Koreen Medina as Marjorie Escobar
She is the cunning and vicious daughter of the mayor in Pelangi who later on falls for Benjie. The new secretary and accomplice of Catalina. She will do anything and everything to reach her goals and succeed in her dark plans.
Lotlot de Leon as Amanda Rosales
The loving and affectionate mother of Benjie.
Will Ashley as Sol Obispo, Sinag's younger brother
Kim Belles as Tala Obispo, Sinag's younger sister

Extended cast

Thea Tolentino as Patricia "Trish" Villanueva
Benjie's ex-girlfriend and Sinag's rival. In an episode, it stated that Trish killed Krystal, Benjie's ex so that She will get Benjie back. She is a deceptive, manipulative, bipolar, obsessed, cunning, arrogant, and desperate woman amidst her friendship with "Sunshine". Unbeknownst, she was a pressured woman after the commands of the CEO of the Tierra Aquatica company.
Ervic Vijandre as Elton Vasquez, Benjie's rival at the Rosales' real-estate company. She is Catalina's lover.
Marnie Lapuz as Tita Bem
Maey Bautista as DJ Mema
Jackie Lou Blanco as Ramona Villanueva, Trish's mother who hates also Sinag and Sally's rival.
Tammy Brown as DJ Mamaru
Kim Rodriguez as Fiona, Trish's friend and confidante who is also Sinag's rival and she is the one who helps Trish to make Sinag's life miserable.
James Teng as James, Trish's ex-boyfriend who will wreak havoc to Sinag and will try to rape Sinag. He is the father of Trish's child.

Special participation

Ronnie Henares as Mayor Dante Escobar
The corrupt mayor of Pelangi and the father of Marjorie.
Luz Valdez as Delia, Lolo Doro's friend, Obispos new grandparent; She is a role model to Sinag in fulfilling her destiny. Delia and her partner Elvis already married for more than 50 years in which they can be the destined inspiration to the star-crossed lovers Benjie and Sinag. She is the grandma of Badong.
Lou Veloso as Elvis, Lolo Doro's friend, Obispos new grandparent; He is a role model to Benjie in fulfilling his destiny. He gives comic relief and advices along with Delia. They are the first owners of the Pelangi Radio station. He is the grandpa of Badong.
Matthew Mendoza as Gabriel Rosales, Benjie's father who died on a bus accident after saving Sinag's father, Teddy.
Joe Gruta as Lolo Doro, Sinag's grandfather
Nova Villa as Donya Purisima "Puring" Melendez, sculptor buyer and seller; the one who helped the Obispos. She has a contact between Obispos and Rosales.
Mark Herras as Eboy, Sinag's ex-boyfriend
Marita Zobel as Charito, Lolo Doro's ex-wife and Ninay's grandmother
RJ Padilla as Arman
Sinag's outgoing friend and Ninay's boyfriend. Eventually, he will move to Canada with his mom.
Marco Sison as Ka Henry
Lee Danes as Clarissa
Francis Mata as Mr. Vera
Krystal Reyes as Natasha "Tasha" Melendez
Nicole Dulalia as Tina Melendez
Tonio Quiazon as Lakay
Sinon Loresca as Comedian
Chromewell Cosio as Rex
Meann Espinosa as Teresing
Bryce Eusebio as young Benjie
Rahoney Perez as young Sinag
Kim Oquendo as young Ninay
Dentrix Ponce as young Badong
Denzel Labingisa as young Arman
Barbara Miguel as young Catalina
Sachi Manahan as Affie, Tala's friend
Sofia Pablo as Lala Escobar, Sol's partner

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