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My Ex and Whys ~Filipino Movie~

My Ex and Whys is a 2017 Filipino romantic comedy drama film, directed by Cathy Garcia-Molina, starring Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil. It is distributed by Star Cinema and ABS-CBN Film Productions, Inc. 

The film was released on February 15, 2017 to commercial and critical success, grossing ₱341 million worldwide as of March 3, 2017. My Ex And Whys is Cathy Garcia-Molina's highest grossing non-sequel movie, highest grossing Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil film to date and currently holds the record for being the highest grossing local movie of 2017.


The story is about a former playboy Gio tries to prove he's a changed man to his ex-girlfriend Cali who is a famous blogger named "Bakitlist" but Cali test if he's really not a playboy anymore but things didn't go as planned.


Main cast

Liza Soberano as Callista "Cali" Ferrer
Enrique Gil as Sergio "Gio" Martinez

Supporting cast

Joey Marquez as Master Pops Martinez
Cai Cortez as Candelaria "Tita Candy"
Emilio Garcia as Calisto Ferrer, Cali's Father
Arlene Muhlach as Cali's Aunt "Tita Libby"
Ara Mina as Cali's Mother "Mommy Dolly"
Ryan Bang as Lee
Joross Gamboa as Mustang Martinez
Jeff Tam as Daryl
Karen Reyes as Nina
Neil Coleta as Patrick
Dominic Roque as Jaguar Martinez
Hyubs Azarcon as Kia
Xander Gallego as Ford Martinez
Kim Da-Yul as Kim Yu-Ri (Lee's fiance)
Kim Si-Won as Ha-Na (Yu-Ri's best friend)

Special participation

Diego Loyzaga as Guy Customer
Sofia Andres as Lady Customer

Cameo appearances

Sandara Park

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