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My Love from the Star ~Filipino Drama~

My Love from the Star is a 2017 Philippine romantic fantasy television series based on the hit Korean drama of the same name. Directed by Bb. Joyce Bernal, it star Jennylyn Mercado, Gil Cuerva, Christian Bautista and Jackie Rice together with an ensemble cast. The series premiered on the network's GMA Telebabad primetime block and worldwide via GMA Pinoy TV on May 29, 2017, replacing Destined to Be Yours.

It is a story about an alien who landed on Earth in the Spanish period and 300 years later, falls in love with a top actress in the modern era.


Matteo Domingo (Gil Cuerva) is an extraterrestrial being that disembark on the Philippines back in the 16th century during the Spanish East Indies. As he ventures to aid a teenage lad Marcella from descending off a ledge, he failed to join his trip back to his planet, the KMT 184.5. He is grounded on Earth for the next centuries and counting. He elicits an almost perfect form, supolemented physical abilities that entangles his vision, hearing and speed plus a caustical and jaded point of estimation with regards to human beings. As time pass by and the story goes folds on, Matteo is strained to employ a new identity every ten years, as his human appearance never ages.

At present, he disguises as a college professor. With only three months left before his much awaited comet that will help him demolish back to the planet he came from, he would eventually be meeting Steffi Chavez (Jennylyn Mercado), an over confident top Filipino star who all of a sudden becomes his adjacent condomenium neighbour. Bit by bit, he finds himself mischievously disheveled in the screwy and unpredictable situations, and realizes that she looks like the teenage girl he cared for and fell in love with in the year 1600's. Matteo tries to keep himself unattached from Steffi as he is going to leave the planet anytime soon, but constantly finds himself failing to do so.

However, Steffi gets troubled in the hazardous plans of Jackson Libredo (Gabby Eigenmann), the elder brother of Winston Libredo (Christian Bautista), who has been her friend since high scool and is in love with her. Lucy Yuzon (Jackie Rice) is Steffi's childhood best friend who is secretly envious of her and has had a crush on Winston since middle school. Realizing her love is just unsymmetrical, she later gives up her feelings on Winston and starts to focus on her career as an actress. As Jackson attempts to hush Steffi, Matteo finds himself saving her multiple times and eventually they fall for each other. But Jackson turns out to be much more perilous than Matteo has expected. He even tried to kill Peter (Renz Fernandez), Lucy's older brother who disects on Rachel Andrada (Rhian Ramos), another sought after actress, Steffi's mortal enemy who was murdered by Jackson in a Wedding celebration in a yacht. As Domingo gets ready for his departure, he was then strongly involved in the lawsuit that will result of him, mysteriously starting to lose control on his super powers.

Cast and characters

Main cast

Gil Cuerva as Matteo Domingo

A stoic and aloof being, he once loved a girl named Marcella who lived during the Spanish period for liking him no matter his contrast is. After his beloved died from saving him, he waits to return home. Living a solitary and divergent life for years, he one day meets Steffi Chavez, a girl who looked exactly like the one he cared for 300 years ago back to her teenage years. He has also been Steffi's savior since then.

Jennylyn Mercado as Steffanie Elaine "Steffi" R. Chavez

A top Filipino superstar who is very stubby and believes that she is every man's dream, until she meets her stony condomenium neighbor, Matteo Domingo. She has some cute rivalry with the latter and would eventually develops feelings for him.

Christian Bautista as Winston Libredo

Steffi's childhood friend who has an unreciprocated love for her. He has became an avid suitor of Steffi since high school and believes that one day, she will learn to love him, but then realizes that the best thing to do is to back down for a while and support her through intensity and emaciate as a true friend.

Jackie Rice as Lucy Yuzon

Steffi's childhood best friend. Despite her melodious leverage, she is actually insecure of Steffi and has an hopeless love on Winston, Steffi's possessive suitor for a long time. She later becomes the top Filipino superstar after Rachel's death and Steffi's fall from the entertainment industry.

Supporting cast

Gabby Eigenmann as Jackson Libredo
Winston's older brother, the available legatee of the S&C Company. The main antagonist of the series, he is willing to do anything to assuage Steffi for a secret the actress knows about him.

Renz Fernandez as Detective Peter Yuzon
Lucy's older brother. A juvenile and zealous prosecutor investigating Rachel Andrada's death. He gets to discover Matteo's secret as he investigates wider cases.

Glydel Mercado as Lynelle Ramos
Steffi and Yuan's disdainful and arrogant mother who pretends that their family is kilter just to conceit the wealth she's gaining from the daughter she almost abandon.

Migo Adecer as Yuan Chavez
Steffi's rebel and stubborn younger brother, who first testify her relationship with Matteo but grows to like him because of their shared desire in astronomy.

Melissa Mendez as Doris Yuzon
Lucy and Peter's modest mother who only wants the best for her dear daughter that's why she pushes her to dethrone Steffi's status in the entertainment industry.

Spanky Manikan as Mr. Jang 
Matteo's lawyer. When he was young, he was saved by Matteo from a suicide intent and found out about his real identity. He has been a loyal friend of him ever since.

Nar Cabico as Jun Butil
Steffi's hermaphrodite road manager who almost quit his job because of the latter's attitude problem and stress.

Analyn Barro as Mina
Steffi's funny Personal Assistant who is usually stresses because of her boss' impossible demands but remains loyal to the actress.

Moi Bien as Kathy "Bokja"
a comic book store owner and Steffi's high school friend. She crazily had a crush on Matteo the day she just met him whom she called as Love at first Sight but realizes that it is impossible for them to get together.

Valentin as Detective Paquito "Park" Estrada
A secret agent who works together with Peter on Rachel Andrada's lawsuit.

Arrel Mendoza as Anton Francisco
Steffi's talent agency chief excecutive officer who often argue with Lynelle when the latter wishes for something Anton can't give right away.

Lao Rodriguez as Rey Gutierrez
Lucy's manager and Doris' conspirator who pushes her to be the next superstar.

Ken Alfonso as Lester Hernandez
Jackson's comrade who administers him fulfill all his evil plans.

Lope Juban as Arnold Libredo
Winston and Jackson's father who is the chairman of the S&C Corporatiom.

Lynn Ynchausti-Cruz as Patricia Libredo
Winston and Jackson's mother who often protects the unruly Winston from the strict Arnold.

Special Participation

Rhian Ramos as Rachell Andrada 
Steffi's rival in the showbiz industry. She was killed by Jackson in a wedding celebration revenued in a yacht but was thought to commit suicide because of her rift and rivalry with Steffi. She was pivotal to the events occured to the lives of Steffi and Matteo after her unexpected and untimely death.

Pauline Mendoza as Marcella Infante/teen Steffi
The girl Matteo cared for 300 years ago back to the Spanish period. She eventually died from saving Matteo when his fiancé tried to kill him because of jealousy. Marcella reincarnated as a top Filipino Star Steffi in the modern age.

Renz Verano as Minggo Chavez
Steffi's father whom her mother just marry because of the substance he has. For years of living their lives with dignity, their family's company was bankrupt which leads to Lynelle's dismay and decided to anul their marriage. He was forcedly outcast by her former wife and let Yuan go alone, since Steffi is already an actress and her breadwiner that time.

Differences from the Original

Their original surnames were converted to its Filipino counterparts, such as Cheon to Chavez, Do to Domingo, Lee to Libredo, Yoo to Yuzon, and Han to Andrada.

In this version, Matteo arrived on Earth sometime in the 16th century, during the Spanish colonization of the Philippines. Around 300 years ago, he lived as a farmer in a province and eventually fell in love with a girl named Marcella while in the original version, Min-joon lived 400 years ago during the Joseon Dynasty and eventually fell in love with Yi-hwa.

In the original version, Matteo had a shorter hairstyle. However, in the Kapuso remake, he is seen sporting a longer hairstyle. Gil Cuerva already stated the reason why he won't be changing his hairstyle any time soon.

Steffi's road manager, Jun, had a new twist since in the Korean version, Steffi's road manager named Yoon Beom (played by Kim Gang-hyun) wasn't gay.

For obvious reasons, the Philippines doesn't occur winter, so it's pretty hard to imagine how they will pull off the original version's "frozen lake kiss."

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