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All Of My Life ~Park Won~

All Of My Life
Sung by Park Won
Taken From Mini Album ~OM~
Released on July 27, 2017.
Track # 2 

The Original Lyric

neomu himdeureo salme chiigo
doeneun geosdo eopsgo
gajokdo an boigo
eonjebuteonga nado jungyohaji anhgo
eopsjin anhjiman deo manhi gajyeoya
sarangdo ieogal su issneun i sesangeseo
all of my life
you are all of my life

geureogo bomyeon na
neoreul manna cham manhi byeonhaesseo
kkumi saenggigo nega gajin kkumdo
irwojugo sipeosseo na geureoryeomyeon
deo nopeun gose ollagayaman haesseo
deo manheun geosdeureul gajyeoya ganeunghaesseo
da gajil ttaejjeum
sarangboda kkumi deo keojyeosseo

all of my life
naega himi deul ttae
you are all of my life
nega nal chaewossneunde
dareun eotteon geollo nareul chaewobwado
all of my life
you are all of my life
chaewojijiga anha

geureohge uri barawassgo
ganjeolhaessdeon geojanha
ijen naebange gadeukhande
nado amugeosdo eopsneun
bang aneseo neon honja
ireohge jujeoanja ulgo isseossni

all of my life
neon nae jeonbuinde
i modeun ge da museun soyong issneunde
eodiseonga i norael deutge doendamyeon
all of my life
all of my life
ne iyagiga maja

English Translation

When things were so hard that I was tired of living
When nothing was going my way
When I hadn’t even seen my family
And even I wasn’t important to myself
In this world, where one must have more
In order to continue with love
All of my life
You are all of my life

When I look at myself
I changed so much after meeting you
I began to have dreams
And I wanted to make your dreams come true too
In order to do that, I had to go up higher
I had to have more things
Just when I had everything
My dreams became bigger than love

All of my life, when I was struggling
You are all of my life, you filled me up
I tried filling myself up with other things
all of my life
you are all of my life
But I couldn’t be filled

That’s what we wanted and were so desperate for
Now my room is so filled up
But were you in there alone, without me

all of my life, you’re my everything
What use is all of this?
If you’re listening to this song somewhere
all of my life
all of my life
Yes, this is about you

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