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Love, Timeless ~Taiwanese Drama~

Love, Timeless (Chinese: 鐘樓愛人; pinyin: zhōnglóu àirén; literally "Lovers of the Clock Tower") is a 2017 Taiwanese television series created and produced by Eastern Television. Starring Nick Chou, Summer Meng, Huang Wei Ting and Chang Chieh as the main cast.

Filming began on February 24, 2017 and wrapped up in June 17, 2017. First original broadcast on TTV every Saturday at 10:00 pm starting April 15, 2017.


Life seems to be one misstep after another for 30 year-old Shi Zhao Yu (Nick Chou) every since he lost that fateful basketball match to his college rival Li Jun Ren (Chang Chieh). He lost to him in love back in college, now he's about to lose his job. Life is no easier for his former classmate Ruby Shen (Huang Wei Ting). 

The girl of every guy's dream in college is now trapped in a failed marriage. Feeling depressed, Ruby calls her former classmates to meet at the clock tower, where they once shared happy memories together in college. "If only I could go back in time, maybe my life would have been different." says Ruby before she jumps off the clock tower. 

Just as Zhao Yu falls from trying to save Ruby, he is transported back in time to his sophomore year in college. Zhao Yu now has a chance. The opportunity to save his first love and reverse the future is in our hero’s grasp. But what does he really want: another shot with his college crush, or a love that he didn't even know existed before?


Main cast

Nick Chou as Shi Zhao Yu
Summer Meng as Zhao Kai Jia 
Huang Wei Ting as Shen Ruo Bi (Ruby)
Chang Chieh as Li Jun Ren 

Supporting cast

Johnny Yang as Liao Hai Meng 
Lan Ya Yun as Wang Zhi Ni 
Lo Pei-An as Shi Can Zhi 
Miao Ke-Li as Zhou Mei Guang 

Special appearances

Lang Tsu-Yun as You Xin Ying 
Jackson Lou as Li Tai Yuan 
Debbie Chou as Qiu Xuan Ai 
Lin Xiu Jun as Wen Xiu Mei 
Louis Lin as Shen Jian De 
Joseph Ma as General manager Xia 
Ryan Kuo as Bai Pin Ren 
Gao Kai Li as Zhang Wei Yuan (Wei Wei) 
Andy Wu as Li Ying Zhu 
Li Zheng Da as Zhang Da Qi 
Zhu Jun Xian as Bo Ren 
Lin Shuai Fu as Long Zhu 
Lan Qi Rui as basketball coach
Guo Bai Jie as Jin Mao 
Jocelyn Chan 
Luo Si Qi as Zhao Xiong San 

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