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My Secret Romance ~Korean Drama~

My Secret Romance (Hangul:  애타는 로맨스; RR: Aetaneun Romaenseu) is a 2017 South Korean television series starring Sung Hoon and Song Ji-eun. It aired on cable network OCN at 21:00 every Monday and Tuesday, from April 17, 2017, just three days after being viewed first on SK Telecom's "oksusu" mobile app, to May 30, 2017, for 13 episodes.

My Secret Romance was selected in the 2015 Top Creator Audition held by KOCCA. The series is the first OCN drama to air on Mondays and Tuesday, as well as the first romance-themed OCN drama.


Jin-wook and Yoo-mi meet at a Gangwon-do resort and get caught up in a series of misunderstandings and accidents. Yoo-mi was charmed by Jin-wook's sly and playful personality, and they unexpectedly spend the night together. However, Yoo-mi disappears in the morning, leaving Jin-wook feeling perplexed and irrationally angry.

Three years later, the two meet again when Yoo-mi becomes a nutritionist at the company cafeteria where Jin-wook works. They pretend to not recognize each other, while fighting their attraction for each other. Finally Yoo-mi admits that she remembers the incident. Jin-wook asks her the reason why she left him and she replies that it was just a one-night stand.


Main cast

Sung Hoon as Cha Jin-wook

A prickly second generation chaebol and director of a company owned by his dad. He was playful and loved partying, after Yoo-mi disappear from his sight, he turned into a hard-working and serious man while taking good care of his father's company.

Song Ji-eun as Lee Yoo-mi

A Daebok Company nutritionist. Very bright and a hard-worker. She doesn't know Jinwook is the Director of Daebok, who she slept with, 3 years ago. She feels insecure about other people's opinions and is also scared to wear revealing clothes. These traits occurred by her mother's density for society.

Kim Jae-young as Jung Hyun-tae

A successful travel writer and the owner of a book cafe. Warm and friendly, he is Yoo-mi's best friend, he has a crush on Yoo-mi, but he never tries to show it to her.

Jung Da-sol as Joo Hye-ri

A young and beautiful announcer who is popular with men, but has an unrequited crush on Jin-wook. Jin-wook can't directly reject her because she is the daughter of his respected teacher.

Supporting cast

People around Jin-wook

Lee Kan-hee as Kim Ae-ryung, Jin-wook's mother
Kim Jong-goo as Cha Dae-bok, Jin-wook's father
Park Shin-woon as Jang Woo-jin, Jin-wook's secretary

People around Yoo-mi

Nam Ki-ae as Jo Mi-hee, Yoo Mi's mother
Joo Sang-hyuk as Dong Goo
Kim Si-young as Wang Bok-ja
Im Do-yoon as Kang Je-ni
Lee Hae-in as Jang Eun-bi
Baek Seung-heon as Lee Shin-hwa

Special appearance

Jeon So-min as Girl in the Club (Episode 1)

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