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Uso Nante Hitotsu mo nai no ~Japanese Drama~


Title: 嘘なんてひとつもないの
Title (romaji): Uso Nante Hitotsu mo nai no
Also known as: There Is No Lie
Format: Renzoku
Genre: Drama
Episodes: 4
Broadcast network: NHK BS Premium
Broadcast period: 2017-Mar-07 to 2017-Mar-28
Air time: Tuesday 23:15
Theme song: Jisa by OKAMOTO'S


24-year-old Yamazaki Makoto’s dream is to be a pilot. But he has had anthropophobia for seven years and is confined to his home. He has also not been able to take the entrance examination for aviation college and has just reached the age limit. Makoto enjoys playing flight simulation games all through night with his gaming buddies. 

One day, he hears his mother talk about a pilot who has the same name and surname and when he looks it up online, he comes upon the blog of Yamazaki Makoto which has a photograph of a cute girl. Pretending to be a pilot, he sends her an email. She replies that she suffers from anthropophobia too but easily overcame it after she was advised to go outside. 

Motivated by her, Makoto eventually succeeds in buying a newspaper outside and comes home to an unexpected situation – a film crew from an amateur reality programme. Realising that he has been fooled, he panics. Makoto denies involvement when he sends her an angry email and wants to meet him and say a word of thanks. He goes to their meeting place feeling wary of another candid camera incident and is surprised to see a stunningly beautiful girl Yamazaki Makoto, who looks different from the photograph, show up … …

Cast and characters

Suga Kenta as Yamazaki Makoto

Hurt by a good friend’s lie when he was a high school student, he has had anthropophobia for seven years. Although it is his dream to become a pilot, he spends his days locked up in his room and playing the role of a pilot in simulation games. However, he makes the acquaintance of a girl with the same name as him on an occasion and begins to pull himself together again despite hurting from her lies.

Ishii Anna as Yamazaki Makoto

A beautiful girl who became acquainted with Yamazaki Makoto through the internet and communicates with him. She is actually an entertainer with the amateur reality programme, but she keeps lying and leading him around by the nose. However, she is touched by his sincerity and secretly works out a plan to make him take steps towards his own dream.

Toda Naho as Yamazaki Katsuko

Yamazaki Makoto’s mother who runs a bar in the shopping district at night. She raised her son single-handedly but behaves cheerfully even when he locks himself in his room. She is the one who set up the encounter between him and Yamazaki Makoto but it appears that there is some ulterior motive behind this.

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